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Privacy - Terms of use agreement

We understand that the security of your personal information is important . Here you can find information about what type of personal and aggregated information we receive and collect when you use the site Subaru Parts and how to protect it from third parties. We do not share personal information with third parties .

Personal information - this information is required for some services at voluntary registration . Personal information may include email address, password , gender, date of birth, interests, hobbies and the like. This information allows us to improve our site and to do it in a convenient and easy to use .

This information is not shared with anyone outside the group Subaru Parts and will not be sold or rented to anyone without your personal consent. Provision of information may be made if requested by relevant government authorities, specified by law .

Summary information - Log Files - Like many other sites, we obtain information from log files. IP address ISP (Internet Service Provider) browser you use when you visit the group site (such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox) the time you spent on a site and which pages you visited the site . The information contained in these files include :

Cookie (Cookie) is a small amount of information that a Web server sends to your web browser allowing the server to collect feedback from the browser. You can choose to delete or our third camp cookies through the options for each browser. This can affect the interaction with our site or another . More information on the cookie can be found at

Subaru Parts reserves the right to allow third-party companies to display advertisements and collect information about sites of the group as recorded information from cookies and web directories from your computer .

Subaru Parts not publish or distribute materials , texts and / or images ( including photos) of foreign copyright or other legally protected rights of third parties, without explicit mention , and without any explicit consent of holder of those rights , including the right to not publish or not to distribute photographs , in an apparent field present images of third parties who have not given their explicit consent to the publication of the photos in this site

Subaru Parts publishes false and / or misleading information or materials, texts and / or images ( including photos) containing confidential information or openly affect the interests of third parties or having outdoor advertising content

Subaru Parts publishes materials, texts and / or images ( including photos) pornographic or inciting to violence , national, political , ethnic, religious and / or racial intolerance , or laud or exculpate cruelty or violence, or who are contrary to the Bulgarian legislation and generally accepted social norms and morality .

Subaru Parts publishes materials, texts and / or images ( including photos) with content that may impair the physical , mental and moral development of minors , or other content that is inappropriate for persons under the age of 18 . Subaru Parts reserves the right to terminate, modify and supplement the services .

Subaru Parts shall not be liable for any damages resulting from reliance on information or other content placed on the site.


Art. 1. These terms and conditions are intended to regulate relations between Subaru Parts hereinafter referred to as the supplier and customer , hereinafter referred to as users of the electronic shop Kamko Furniture hereinafter E-SHOP .
II. Of the supplier
Art. 2 . Information under the Electronic Commerce Act and the Act on Consumer Protection :
Name of Supplier : Subaru Parts
Headquarters and management address: Sofia , Bul. Dr. Peter Dertliev 57
4 . Contact details : Email:, Tel: +359 (0) 878 877 251
5 . Entries in public registers: UIC .....................
7 . Supervisors :
Commission for Personal Data Protection
Address: Sofia , Ivan Evstatiev Geshov № 15 tel : (02 ) 940 20 46 fax: (02 ) 940 36 40
Website :
Commission for Consumer Protection Address : 1000 Sofia, pl.Slavejkov № 4A , 3rd floor , 4 and 6
: 02/ 980 25 24 Fax : 02 / 988 42 18 Hotline : 0700 111 22
Website :
8 . Registration under the Value Added Tax № BG ....................

Art. 3 . E-SHOP e e-shop , accessible at the Internet through which users are able to enter into contracts for the sale and delivery of services offered by E-SHOP products , including the following:
1. To carry out the registration and account creation for viewing the e-shop and the use of additional services to provide information
2 . To perform electronic statements in connection with the conclusion or performance of contracts by E-SHOP interface on the e-shop , accessible on the Internet
3 . Enter into contracts for the sale and delivery of the goods offered by the E-SHOP
4 . To make any payments in connection with contracts with online shop, under supported by E-SHOP means of payment .
5 . To receive information about new products offered by the E-SHOP
6 . Browse the articles, their features , prices and terms of delivery
7 . Be informed of the rights deriving from the law primarily through interface on the e-shop on the Internet
Art. 4 . The supplier delivers the goods and ensure the rights of users under the law, in good faith , accepted practice , consumer or commercial law criteria and conditions.
Art. 5 . Users enter into a contract for the sale of products offered by E-SHOP by Provider Interface , available on its website at or other means of distance communication .
Under a contract signed with the beneficiaries purchase of goods , the Contractor shall deliver and transfer ownership to the user specified by him through the interface products .
Users pay the Provider payment for goods supplied under the conditions specified e-shop and these terms and conditions . Remuneration is the price declared by the supplier to address the e-shop on the Internet.
The supplier delivers the goods requested by users in the terms and conditions established by the Provider page of the online store and in accordance with these terms and conditions.
Shipping is determined separately and specifically the price of the goods.
Article 6 . User and the supplier agree that all statements between them in relation to the execution of the contract of sale may be made electronically through electronic statements within the meaning of the Electronic Document and Electronic Signature and Art. 11 of the Law on Electronic Commerce .
It is assumed that the electronic statements made ​​by users of the site are carried out by persons referred to in the data supplied by the user in the course of registration if the user has entered the appropriate name and password.

IV. Using e- SHOP
Art. 7 . To use e-shop contracts of sale of goods , the user should introduce selected him name and password for remote access in cases in which electronic commerce registration required .
Name and password for remote access shall be determined by the user through electronic registration in the provider's site .
By filling in your details and press a button , the acceptance and registration , the User declares that he is familiar with these terms and conditions, agreed with its contents and unconditionally undertakes to respect them .
The provider confirms the user registration by sending a mail on the user of an electronic mail address at which information is sent to activate the registration. , Acknowledges the registration and contracting by hyperlink in the letter , which was notified of the registration submitted by the Contractor. After confirming creating a user account , and between him and supplier contractual relations arise .
Upon registration user is obliged to provide accurate and current data. The user promptly update the data listed in your registration in the event of change.
If the registration of the user is using an account on social networking Web or other networks contracting party is the person who is the holder of the account used to register in the social network or another . In this case, the provider is entitled to access to the data necessary to identify the User in the social network or another .
Art. 8 . The email address provided at the initial registration of the user and any subsequent e-mail address used for the exchange of statements between user and provider , is the primary email address for the purposes of these terms and conditions . The user may change their primary contact email address.
Upon receipt of a request to change the primary contact email , the Contractor shall send a request to confirm the change . Confirmation request is sent by the Supplier by the user of that new primary contact email address.
Changing the primary contact e-mail address is made after confirmation by the user , expressed by reference contained in the request for confirmation sent by the Supplier by the user of that new primary contact email address.
The supplier shall inform the User of the change by e-mail , sent to the User from the main contact e-mail address prior to its amendment under par. 2 .
Provider shall not be liable to the User for unlawful change of primary contact email address.
The supplier may require the user to use the main contact email address in specific cases.

Art. 9. Users primarily used interface on the supplier to enter into contracts for the sale of goods provided by the supplier online shop .
The contract is concluded in Bulgarian.
Contract between the provider and the user is the present general conditions available at
Party to a contract with a user according to the data provided for registration, and contained in the personal profile of the user. For the avoidance of doubt, this is the data that has an account with the Provider .
Provider interface includes on its website , the technical means for identifying and correcting input errors of information prior to making a statement about the contract.
This contract is concluded by the time of the registration of the user with . The contract for sale and purchase of goods is concluded by the time of its filing by the user through the interface of .
The conclusion of this agreement and the conclusion of the contract of sale of goods , the Supplier shall notify the User expressly appropriately by electronic means.
Statement of contract and confirmation of receipt is deemed received when their addressees are able to access them .
The supplier delivers the goods to the address specified by users and is not responsible in the event that specified by the user are incorrect or misleading .
Art. 10 . Users enter into the contract of sale with the Provider by the following procedure :
Making registration online shop and providing the necessary data if the user does not have so far registered online shop
Logging in to carry out orders of the electronic shop by identifying with username and password
Selecting one or more of the goods of the electronic shop and adding them to the list of goods for purchase
Providing data for delivery
Choice of method and time of payment of the price.
Order Confirmation

VI. Specific obligations of the supplier. CONSUMER PROTECTION
Art. 11 . The rules of this Section VI of these terms and conditions shall apply to users, in which, according to the data referred to conclude the contract of sale or registration in the online shop, it can be concluded that consumers within the meaning of the Protection consumer electronic Commerce Act and / or Directive 97/7/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 May 1997 on the protection of consumers in respect of distance contracts .
Art. 12. ( 1 ) The main characteristics of the goods supplied by the Supplier are specified in the profile of each product on the website of an electronic shop.
( 2 ) The price of goods includes all taxes are determined by the provider profile any good online e-shop .
(3) The value of postage and shipping costs are not included in the price of goods is determined by the provider and is provided as information to users in one of the following before signing the contract :
- In the profile of each of the goods at the site of an electronic SHOP
- When selecting goods for conclusion of the contract of sale
( 4 ) The method of payment , delivery and performance of the contract is defined in these terms and conditions and the information provided to the user in the provider's site .
( 5) The information provided to consumers in this article is current at the time of its visualization on the website of the provider of electronic SHOP before the conclusion of the sale.
( 6 ) The provider must indicate the conditions of supply of any goods online e-shop .
( 7 ) The provider stated before concluding the contract the total contract value of all contained therein goods.
Art. 13. ( 1) The customer agrees that the supplier shall be entitled to receive an advance payment of the signed user agreements for the sale of goods and their delivery .
( 2 ) The user chooses independently whether to pay the supplier the cost to deliver goods before or at the time of delivery .
Art. 14. ( 1) The customer has the right , without compensation or penalty and without giving any reason to abandon the contract within 7 working days from the date of receipt of goods.
( 2) The right of refusal under par. 1 shall not apply in the following cases :
- Delivery of goods and services whose price depends on fluctuations in the financial markets that the provider is not able to control
- For the supply of goods made according to the requirements of the user or his individual orders
- For the supply of goods which by their nature are consumable or can not be returned or perishable or danger of deterioration characteristics , including perfume and cosmetics
- For the supply of audio or video recordings or software , printed user
- For the supply of newspapers, magazines and other periodicals
( 3 ) the Contractor has not fulfilled its obligation to provide information laid down in Art . 54 of the Law on Consumer Protection , the user has the right to withdraw from the contract within three months from the date of receipt of goods. When the information in this paragraph is provided to the consumer within the withdrawal period , it starts from the date of grant her
( 4 ) If the consumer exercises his right of withdrawal under par. 1, the supplier is obliged to reimburse the full amount paid from the consumer not later than 30 calendar days from the date on which the consumer has exercised his right of withdrawal from the contract . The amount that the consumer paid under the contract shall be deducted the cost of returning the goods unless the consumer has returned the goods on his behalf and has notified the supplier .
( 5 ) The user is obliged to keep the goods received from the supplier , quality and safety during the period under par. 1.
Art. 15 . The delivery of the product and the starting point of the run is set for each item separately at the conclusion of the contract with the user through the website of the provider of electronic Shop, unless the goods are ordered in one delivery .
Where the consumer and the provider did not set a time limit for delivery , delivery of goods is 30 days from the date of contract after sending the user to the Provider through the Site Provider E-SHOP .
If the supplier fails to execute the contract because it does not have the goods ordered , he shall notify the consumer and refund of the amounts paid within 30 days of the date on which the provider has to fulfill its obligation under the contract.
In the cases under par. 3 , the Contractor shall be entitled to deliver to the consumer goods with the same quality and price. The supplier shall inform the consumer to electronically change the performance of the contract.
In case of exercising the right of withdrawal for deliveries under par . 4 , the cost of returning the goods shall be borne by the Contractor.
Art. 16. Provider transmits goods to the consumer after certifying that the requirements and the existence of circumstances under Art. 61 of the Law on Consumer Protection.
User and provider certifying the circumstances under par. One written at the time of delivery by a handwritten signature , unless otherwise agreed.
User and Contractor agree that the requirements of para . 1 and Art. 61 of the Law on consumer protection will be met if the certification is made ​​by a person for whom the circumstances may be inferred that he would forward the information to the user - a party to the contract.

Art. 17. The supplier delivers the goods delivered to the user in the specified upon conclusion of the contract period.
If the time limit under par. 1 is not explicitly agreed between the parties at the conclusion of the contract the Contractor delivers and delivers the goods in a reasonable time but not later than 2 months.
Art. 18. The operator must inspect the goods on delivery and its transmission by the Contractor and if it meets the requirements to notify the Supplier immediately .

Art. 19. ( 1 ) The provider shall take measures to protect the privacy of the user under the protection of personal data.
( 2 ) For reasons of security of personal data of users, the supplier will send data only to e-mail address that was specified by users at the time of registration.
( 3 ) The provider accepts and declares the site policy for the protection of personal data available at
Art. 20. ( 1 ) At any time , the Contractor shall be entitled to require the user to identify himself and to verify the reliability of each of the advertised during registration circumstances and personal data.
(2) In the event that for some reason user forgot or lost your username and password , the provider may implement the announced procedure for lost or forgotten user names and passwords available at

Art. 21. (1) These terms and conditions may be amended by the Contractor for which the latter will adequately inform all users of electronic stores that have registered.
(2) The supplier and user agree that any supplement or amendment to these Terms will be effective to the user after explicit notification from the Contractor if the user does not declare it in the provided 14-day period that rejected them .
( 3 ) The user agrees that all statements made by the Contractor in connection with the amendment of these terms and conditions will be sent to the email address specified by the user during registration. The user agrees that e-mails sent under this Article must be signed with a digital signature, to have effect on him.
Art. 22. Provider publishes these Terms at with all additions and amendments thereto .